Ibutton Guard Monitoring System with Download Station


Dimension 115 mm×∮25 mm
Weight 136g
Color Black
IP Rating IP67
Operating Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Reading Mode Dallas 1990A ibutton
Reading distance: contact reading
Communication USB (CP2102, USB2.0) upload data 7200 pcs/min.
Battery Rated voltage: 3.0V
rated capacity:1550Amh
Dimension: ∮ 16.64 mm×34.38 mm
Batter Life 1. Read ibutton 100 times a day, for 800 days using;
2. Read ibutton 200 times a day, for 450 days using;
Data Storage 512Kbit EEPROM, 7200 pieces
Prompt Blue led flash


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