Electronic Cabinet Locks

This is a lock widely used in industrial industries. The lock body is attached with a dustproof cover, which is opened by lifting anchor. While retaining the original mechanical lock characteristics, standard lock core is embedded, which has the safety, convenience and intelligence attribute that traditional mechanical lock does not have, and can realize the perfect replacement of most locks in the market.


Model: WM-2000B-YB1
Materials: Lock body and rocking handle are made of zinc alloy and latch body is made of zinc alloy and steel.
Surface Treatment: Matte chrome, Powder spraying
Structure: Left and right door universal, 30mm
Opening Angle: 90°
Working Environment: Temperature (-40℃-70℃) Humidity (20%-97%)
Service Life: 10 years
Protection Level: IP68
Relevant Certification: CE ROHS


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